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The final event at LOW&HIGH in Folkestone: Destruction/Development Workshop. An intervention within the space with Jonathan Wright.

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Development / Destruction was the culminating LOW&HIGH event. It investigated ideas of reconstruction in an attempt to see materials and objects in a new light and to redefine the relationship between form and function.

Through this event we wanted to sum up the discussion on visions of regeneration, art and public spaces, infrastructure, interdisciplinary artists practise and local community. These topics have been aproached from diversity of perspectives  by the artists, speakers and the local community members working at and visiting LOW&HIGH throughout three months of running of this interdisciplinary platform in Folkestone. We wanted to provide a space for articulating, developing and exchanging these ideas and communicating them through the arts’ current vocabulary.

The final ‘workshop’ was facilitated by artists Jonathan Wright and Zbigniew Kotkiewicz. The event swiftly transformed into a spatial intervention.  As the de-construction process progressed the dialog between the two artists unfolded. They shared opinions on the regeneration  concepts and constructing imaginary structures. On the practical side the artists embarked on the idea of  ‘destroying’ wooden benches that have been made from the reclaimed wooden pallets and timber by Zbigniew Kotkiewicz in May 2011 and have been used during all the LOW&HIGH events, serving as multi-purpose pieces of furniture.

The ‘development’/transformation/recycling process of these basic structures led to production of ‘a rail track’, ‘a vehicle’ and ‘a chair’ ‘leaking’ with the abstract-organic forms. Another products of this intervention were a ‘barricade’ that appeared in one of the ‘shop front’ windows and a ‘blue void leak’ displayed on the A board that was placed in another ‘shop front’ window. The blue paint also subversively contaminated/stained the pavement outside number 15 Tontine Street.

All created structures remained overnight in the LOW&HIGH space with the by-products of the ‘Destruction/Development’ workshop (such as saw dust and bits of wood that haven’t been incorporated into the objects) alongside . Everything has been removed next day as a part of the process of clearing the premises before returning the keys to the Creative Foundation.



May 2023