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Documenting LOW&HIGH MICRO-RESIDENCY 1 – Maria Theodoraki on ‘Here at the shoreline’ and ‘en route’ projects

Yes, this is how it is. You walk, you carry your stuff, you knock on people’s doors, some of them open, they look at you, you look at them, sometimes they talk, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they hear, sometimes you say what you have to say, sometimes you recognise it, sometimes it’s new, sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s not. They smile even if they don’t listen, they say yes for you and they close the door. They do the things you say because you said, or they don’t. Maybe a few of them see something and carry it with their stuff for a day or two.

I wrote this text in my notebook on 24th of October 2010, that period I was working intensely on here en route. It was written in the middle of a page full of numbers and summations. I found this text in the process of preparing my talk for here at the shoreline.

In Folkestone, at the window of the shop on Tontine Street and around the town, I found myself constantly shifting position between addressing and being addressed, recognising something familiar and discovering something new, it happened silently and I carry it with me.

Maria Theodoraki, June 2011

*The sound clip is a recording of Maria Theodoraki measuring and counting (in Greek) the length of the line during her micro-residency at LOW&HIGH.



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