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MICRO-RESIDENCY 3: Sydney Hart and Erica Scourti – Vacant Value / Day 1, Event 1

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The artists’ performative, auto-fictional presentation developed into discussion with active participation of the audience. Today’s LOW&HIGH visitors were mostly the RCA students who visited Folkestone prior to organised by them exhibition.

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Sydney Hart is an artist and writer working across media and languages. Interested in the precarious relationship of artistic practice to institutional structures and support, his works investigate the narratives giving shape to identities and the possibilities of artistic practice in relation to sociological determinations.

Erica Scourti is an artist and filmmaker interested in language, cliché and socially constructed identity. Re-using and re-enacting found texts and tropes from everyday cultural sources, as well as autobiographical subject matter, her work explores consumerism, belief, and authenticity in a fully mediated, co-opted world.

The week long joint micro-residency will address Utopias of a ‘return to nature’ (inspired by anarcho-primitivist and Rousseauist discourses), culture as a tool of administration and development, idealised contexts for artistic development, the role of language in dividing existing spaces and imagining new ones, the tension between instructions and suggestions to apprehend a landscape, building by undoing, the compression and paring down of language (e.g. with ‘hash tags’ and ‘sticky language’) and the construction of an authentic experience.

Sydney Hart’s and Erica Scourti’s collaborative micro-residency at LOW&HIGH involves sharing the studio space for a week with each other and sharing their ideas with the audience. The public can get to know the artists and follow the development of their work by attending the residency’s initial and culminating presentations. The first will explore places/landscapes/sites that have shaped Sydney’s and Erica’s identity as artists, while the latter will focus on the outcome of the artists’ stay in Folkestone.




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