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MICRO-RESIDENCY 5: Justyna Scheuring – ‘Team Player’ and ‘Surprise Party’

The event directed by Justyna Scheuring took place parallely at LOW&HIGH and B&B Project Space in Tontine Street. As Team Player, a game designed for 25 people unfolded at L&H, it was video transmitted to the B&B space where the guests at Surprise Party could follow on the screen above the buffet table events taking place at unknown yet location and time… At the end of the game the party guests were invited across the road to LOW&HIGH to meet the Team Player participants.

This text by the artist was handed out to the participants at the end of the piece:


p e r f o r m a t i v e   e v e n t    by   Justyna Scheuring

Thank you for your participation!

The idea for this project was based on the meeting of two different groups of people. One group who has just experienced a reality of limited choice and a ruled game is meeting up with a group of people holding up to a promise of a surprise. The body of this project is created by the presence of both groups, their facing each other, all their individual emotions and the Difference. The entire structure of this experiment aimed to make the Difference happen.

Justyna Scheuring is interested in the state of transformation/ change/ metamorphosis: when something doesn’t cease to be what it was, at the same time starts to be what it has never been before.

She describes her recent artistic process saying: Due to living in a big city the pedestrian body state and movement is the one that I reflect on and work with. I look for performative situations created unconsciously and with no intention by people in city spaces by carrying similar mind and physical state. I am interested in the state of waiting, anticipating in matter of its bringing underlying connections to bodies in the same condition. I am also interested in observing division evoked in between groups of people related to different function or jobs. In accordance with this I search for ways to work with the public as a dynamic substance in my performances or installation/performances, as well as a mode producing the meanings.

Justyna Scheuring was born in Torun, Poland. She received her MFA from Academy of Fine Arts in Poland in 2001, and in 2010 MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths University in London. She has been involved in public display – visual art, performance and poetry, which has been informed by ongoing critique through research, group activity and participatory workshops.

Special thanks to Alina Dheere Babaletsos and Sohn Supradya Aursudkij for leading the Game.

 Many thanks to Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz, Douglas Rintoul, Matt Rowe, Andy Lee and everyone who has helped to make this event happen with their work, spreading the word and with their participation.



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