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THE VISITORS – TALK 1: Structure and Site Search. Art organisers experience sharing

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Structure and Site Search, the first of the series of three talks incorporated intoThe Visitors scheme, took place on Saturday, 16th July 2011.

Our guests were: Louise Ashcroft and Helene Kazan (16 Spaces, London), Julia Crabtree and William Evans (James Taylor Gallery, London), Pierre D’alancaisez (Waterside Contemporary, London) and Toby Huddlestone (Crate, Margate).
The discussion revolved around art activities in the contexts of relocating, development, destruction, (re)organising​ and functioning within existing structures as well as creating new platforms and networks. We also looked at nomadic curators-artists/artists-c​urators and reclaimed (art)spaces.

LOW&HIGH’s The Visitors brought together some really exciting and ambitious curators, all of whom approach their practice very differently. It was a great chance to get some feedback on our ’16 Spaces’ project and Zbigniew Kotkiewicz framed the discussion around some thought-provoking questions relating to ideas such as the role of the audience and the position of the artist-curator. 

Louise Ashcroft, 16 Spaces, London

The informal environment in which we presented, which I encounter more and more these days through involvement in these kind of things (talks, symposia, events) allowed for a non-hierarchical and generous environment in which to present and openly discuss our projects and ideas.

 The range of people presented was well thought out and covered a range of very diverse practices, from an unrealised artist-research project, through a newly established commercial practice to organisational modelling.

Toby Huddlestone, Crate Project Space, Margate



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