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MICRO-RESIDENCY 6: ‘Arrival, Departure, Return’ by TRANSIT\ION Collective. Work in progress. The audio and visual footage presented during the residency culminating event.

The project title was originally conceived in terms of thinking about the experience of approaching or departing from the coast and the conception of this edge as a barrier, border or frontier. Our initial identification of Lorry Drivers and Fishermen, as groups who experienced opposing approaches to the edge, turned to an interest in people … Continue reading

THE VISITORS – TALK 2: Arts and Human Rights Movement Connections

Monica Mukerjee (Young Professionals in Human Rights) and Douglas Rintoul (Transport) in conversation on human rights issues, activism and arts. Many thanks to both our speakers and to everybody who came to the event and participated in the discussion. This event looked at the role of the arts and importance of the artist’s voice in … Continue reading

THE VISITORS – TALK 1: Structure and Site Search. Art organisers experience sharing

Structure and Site Search, the first of the series of three talks incorporated intoThe Visitors scheme, took place on Saturday, 16th July 2011. Our guests were: Louise Ashcroft and Helene Kazan (16 Spaces, London), Julia Crabtree and William Evans (James Taylor Gallery, London), Pierre D’alancaisez (Waterside Contemporary, London) and Toby Huddlestone (Crate, Margate). The discussion revolved … Continue reading

MICRO-RESIDENCY 3: Sydney Hart and Erica Scourti – Vacant Value/ Report

The culminating event of Erica Scourti’s and Sydney Hart’s micro-residency ‘Vacant Value’ – ‘Report’, focused on regeneration, commodities and visibility. We ‘travelled’ from 1851’s Hyde Park via Chicago to Pre-Triennial Folkestone.

MICRO-RESIDENCY 3: Sydney Hart and Erica Scourti – Vacant Value / Day 1, Event 1

The artists’ performative, auto-fictional presentation developed into discussion with active participation of the audience. Today’s LOW&HIGH visitors were mostly the RCA students who visited Folkestone prior to organised by them exhibition. – – – Sydney Hart is an artist and writer working across media and languages. Interested in the precarious relationship of artistic practice to … Continue reading

MICRO-RESIDENCY 2: Emily Paige Short – Mind Part, Body Part, Land Part – Day of installation and presentation: the evening event recording

Transit\ion’s research visit to Folkestone

Prior to their micro-residency in August, Magda Fabianczyk and Tilly Fowler of Transit\ion spent two days on exploring Folkestone and meeting the locals. In this recording the artists talk about the outcome of their second research trip to Folkestone.

Documenting LOW&HIGH MICRO-RESIDENCY 1 – Maria Theodoraki on ‘Here at the shoreline’ and ‘en route’ projects

Yes, this is how it is. You walk, you carry your stuff, you knock on people’s doors, some of them open, they look at you, you look at them, sometimes they talk, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they hear, sometimes you say what you have to say, sometimes you recognise it, sometimes it’s new, sometimes it’s … Continue reading


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