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LOW&HIGH – edition 1 – has ended. Many thanks to all involved!

LOW&HIGH programme has come to the end. Many thanks to all involved in the micro-residencies, theatre projects, workshops and talks. It have been great three months in Folkestone. We wouldn’t make it without your contribution and support! Special thanks to TRANSPORT (Emma Cameron and Douglas Rintoul), The Folkestone Triennial, Duncan Brannan (KKC), Diane Dever (Folkestone Fringe), Matt Rowe (B&B Project Space) and Amanda Oates … Continue reading

MICRO-RESIDENCY 6: ‘Arrival, Departure, Return’ by TRANSIT\ION Collective. Work in progress. The audio and visual footage presented during the residency culminating event.

The project title was originally conceived in terms of thinking about the experience of approaching or departing from the coast and the conception of this edge as a barrier, border or frontier. Our initial identification of Lorry Drivers and Fishermen, as groups who experienced opposing approaches to the edge, turned to an interest in people … Continue reading

MICRO-RESIDENCY 6: Culminating event – ‘Arrival, Departure, Return’ – TRANSIT\ION + Gillian White

During the culminating event of the MICRO-RESIDENCY 6, TRANSIT\ION presented their ‘Arrival, Departure, Return’ work in progress compromising of the audio recordings of the interviews with local residents, tourists and lorry drivers and a video footage of Folkestone surroudings depicted as edge, terminus and frontier. Gillian White presented the latest version of her ‘Folkestone Regenerated Monopoly Board’. The artist’s version … Continue reading

THE VISITORS – TALK 2: Arts and Human Rights Movement Connections

Monica Mukerjee (Young Professionals in Human Rights) and Douglas Rintoul (Transport) in conversation on human rights issues, activism and arts. Many thanks to both our speakers and to everybody who came to the event and participated in the discussion. This event looked at the role of the arts and importance of the artist’s voice in … Continue reading

Documenting LOW&HIGH MICRO-RESIDENCY 3: Erica Scourti’s post on a-n’s ‘Artists Talking’ blog and her High-Vis/High Def video

“Last week I was in Folkestone, doing a collaborative micro-residency with artist and writer Sydney Hart at LOW&HIGH interdisciplinary platform. On the last day of the project (called ‘Vacant Value’) we presented some work in progress, showing videos and talking with plenty of interjections from the audience who helped keep things lively and conversational…” [continue reading]

First day of Transport’s rehearsals of Elegy and return of the dragging anchors

The anchors and ropes used by Blue Curry in his installation left the LOW&HIGH space to be returned to the fishermen at the Folkestone harbour. Many thanks to Peter Reed of Folkestone Trawlers Ltd and Diane Dever of the folkestone fringe. The space has been once again transformed, this time to serve as a rehearsal … Continue reading

MICRO-RESIDENCY 4: Blue Curry – Dragging Anchor, 2nd day of presentation

Many visitors and conversations around Blue Curry’s work on Sunday. Opportunity to discuss Folkestone’s regeneration and Triennial, have a closer look at ‘Dragging Anchor’ and invite people to the future events @ LOW&HIGH.

MICRO-RESIDENCY 4: Blue Curry – Dragging Anchor, surroundings, development and day 1 of presentation

Blue Curry developed a new piece during his week long micro-residency at LOW&HIGH. The show opened on the first day of the Folkestone Triennial 2011 and will be available to view until 6pm on Sunday 26th June.

MICRO-RESIDENCY 3: Sydney Hart and Erica Scourti – Vacant Value/ Report

The culminating event of Erica Scourti’s and Sydney Hart’s micro-residency ‘Vacant Value’ – ‘Report’, focused on regeneration, commodities and visibility. We ‘travelled’ from 1851’s Hyde Park via Chicago to Pre-Triennial Folkestone.

MICRO-RESIDENCY 2: Emily Paige Short – Mind Part, Body Part, Land Part – Day of installation and presentation: the evening event

On 10th June LOW&HIGH space was occupied by Emily Paige Short and became site for a temporary installation incorporating among other elements; air, mangoes, fog and a tent. The artist presentation ‘Mind Part, Body Part, Land Part’ with guest participation of sound artist Dan Westlake and poet Nick Stibbs was culminated with an evening stroll … Continue reading


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